1. YTMP3.cc Overview

YTMP3 is short for "YouTube to MP3". As its name stated, YTMP3 converter is a kind of YouTube to MP3 converter, which can help users to download YouTube video to MP3 format.

As online video streaming demands around the world are increasing dramatically (especially in India since the release of Jio Phone in 2017), people also require more flexible ways to manage online video resources. For those countries where people are hard to afford expensive mobile data, video converting and downloading services will be of essential.



YTMP3.cc provides the easiest YouTube video to MP3 or MP4 conversion within only a few steps. It realizes the possibility to convert online video without downloading any software to help. The stable performance of YTMP3 is also the reason why it could stand out among so many online video converters today.


Grasp the features of YTMP3.cc
  • Available on computers, tablets, and mobile devices;
  • Support to convert YouTube videos to MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video);
  • Require no software and registration for using the service;
  • Upload converted files to Dropbox for saving;
  • Download YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 for offline playback freely.

2. Is YTMP3 Converter Safe?

Security will be the first factor when we turn to a new program or website the first time we use its service. YTMP3.cc is completely free, and more importantly, safe for using. There are two reasons contributed to this conclusion.

① Simple-designed Page

As you click on the main page of YTMP3.cc, you would find that its page is simple-designed - with only a conversion bar and isn't equipped with many other useless links. This can reduce the page buffering speed and improve the performance of the converting service.

Also, a simple-designed page will reduce the possibility of hiding any virus that would attack users’ devices. This can not only guarantee that YTMP3 is safe for using, but also improve the quality of the main service.

YTMP3.cc Interface


②No Pop-up Ads and Bundled Malware

YTMP3.cc is completely ads-free on all its pages. Besides, users do not need to download any bundled malware for using its YouTube to MP3 converting as well downloading services, which greatly improve the security of the site.

3. How to Use YTMP3.cc

To download YouTube video to MP3/MP4 with YTMP3.cc, you only need 3 simple steps. Here is the guide on how to use it.

3.1 Convert YouTube to MP3/MP4 on PC

STEP 1. Copy YouTube Video's URL To start with, go to YouTube and get the URL of the online video you want to download with YTMP3.cc. Just open the YouTube video and copy the link from the address bar, or click on "SHARE" to get the link copied.

Copy YouTube Video's URL


STEP 2. Convert YouTube to MP3/MP4 Now head to YTMP3 and paste the URL of the YouTube video to the convert bar on its homepage. Then you can select MP3 or MP4 as the output format. After that, submit "Convert".

Paste YouTube Video URL to YTMP3


STEP 3. Download YouTube to MP3/MP4 After clicking on "Convert", the YouTube video will be loaded on YTMP3.cc automatically. When it's done, you can simply hit "Download" button to save YouTube video in MP3/MP4 format. You can also select to upload the converted file to Dropbox as well.

Download YouTube Video on YTMP3

3.2 Convert YouTube to MP3/MP4 on iPhone/iPad

STEP 1. Copy the Link of YouTube Video Go to YouTube on your iPhone/iPad and find the online video you want to convert or download in MP3/MP3 format. Open the video page and copy its link.


STEP 2. Paste the Link to YTMP3.cc Launch Documents app on iPhone/iPad (download it from App Store). Go to YTMP3.cc and paste the link to its bar. Select MP3/MP4 as the output format, then click on "Convert".

Paste YouTube Link to YTMP3


STEP 3. Download YouTube in MP3/MP4 When the initialization is done, you can transfer the converted video to Dropbox or download it to your iPhone/iPad. When you click "Download", you can then edit the title of the video and select an output folder to save it in Documents.

Initialize YouTube Video

3.3Convert YouTube to MP3/MP4 on Android

STEP 1. Copy YouTube Video Link
On YouTube page or app, open the YouTube video you want to convert or download in MP3/MP4 on Android. Then copy its link.

STEP 2. Go to YTMP3.cc
Launch a browser and direct to YTMP3.cc. Now paste the link of the YouTube video to the download bar on YTMP3 homepage. Then select MP3 or MP4 below the link, and click on "Convert".

STEP 3. Download YouTube Video in MP3/MP4
After clicking on "Convert", now submit "Download" to save the YouTube video to Android device in MP3/MP4 format.

4. FAQs

Encounter with some problems while using YTMP3.cc to convert YouTube to MP3/MP3? Get bits of helps from these frequently asked questions!

Q The conversion is stuck while YTMP3.cc initializing the URL. What should I do?
A When it seems no response while you try to convert the link on YTMP3.cc, try to clear the history records and browsing data on your browser, then relaunch it. If it still not works, change a browser and try again. Or you can report to YTMP3.cc through this contact page with the link you want to convert as well as the format you choose after all these methods fail to solve the problem.

Q Why it sends me an error message while converting the video?
A There are two main reasons for this situation happens:
* The length of the video you are going to convert has exceeded the maximum length that YTMP3.cc require (2 hours).
* The video you want to convert is no longer available online.
You can also contact YTMP3.cc through contact page with the error code, the video link, and your chosen format.

Q Are there any other output format that I can select?
A It's a pity to inform you that YTMP3.cc only supports MP3 and MP4 format currently.

User Reviews

Although YTMP3.cc only supports MP3 and MP4 format, but its high-speed performance keeps me for using. Its link reading speed is quite fast that the converted YouTube videos can be prepared just in seconds! It saves much of my time! --Ron Alexander
The most helpful YouTube to MP3 converter since ever! I am able to play those wonderful and popular lyrics on my Apple Watch now. Highly recommend! --David Cooper
YTMP3.cc has been the best YouTube to MP3 converter I’ve ever used. I pretty appreciate its simple design but high-quality convert service. It greatly makes me possible to manage my favorite YouTube videos freely. --Donald Smith

6. YTMP3.eu

YTMP3.eu is also a powerful online YouTube to MP3 converter, too. It supports to convert and download YouTube video with two high audio output quality - 128kbps and 320kbps. More than a converter, YTMP3.eu can also edit the output video with some special tools, for example, set a fade in or fade out feature for the converted video, cut the video into video clips, normalize the video, or add gain to it.
Convert YouTube to MP3 with YTMP3.eu

6.1 How to Use YTMP3 Add-on

In addition, YTMP3.eu also provides a useful YTMP3 add-on for Firefox and Chrome users. As for Firefox users, you just need to click "Firefox Add-on" to install the plugin to your browser. Using YTMP3 add-on on Chrome requires a little bit more works. So here the guide on how to use YTMP3 add-on on Chrome is provided.

STEP 1. Firstly, download the YTMP3 Add-on for Chrome zip file to your computer. Then uncompress the file into an ordinary one.
STEP 2. Launch Chrome and click on the three-dots button on the upper right corner. Go to More tools > Extensions.
STEP 3. Enable Develop mode and upload the YTMP3.eu unpacked to this page. When it’s loaded, enable YTMP3 add-on.
Install YTMP3 Add-on on Chrome


STEP 4. Refresh the page and go to YouTube, now you can find the YTMP3 add-on button on the navigation bar. When you open a video page and click the button, the page will redirect to YTMP3.eu page directly, and you submit converting the video in no time.

Convert YouTube to MP3 with YTMP3 Add-on


YTMP3.net is another leading YouTube to MP3 converter. This free online converter enables users to convert YouTube to MP3 in various quality, from 64kbps to 320kbps, according to users' needs. The operating steps of YTMP3.net are simple to achieve as its simple-designed interface does. YTMP3.net supports up to 24 different languages, which allows people around the world to use the service.


Here is the guide on how to use YTMP3.net.

STEP 1. Open the video page on YouTube and copy the link of it.
STEP 2. Navigate to YTMP3.net in a new page, and paste the link of the YouTube video to the conversion bar. Then select an output quality from the pull-down list.
STEP 3. After that, slide the slider to agree to convert the YouTube video to MP3 format.
STEP 4. Wait for seconds and the YouTube video will be converted. You can also select to download the converted file to the local folder on your PC for offline stream back.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on YTMP3.net

8. Alternatives to YTMP3

Want to know more online video downloader? Turn to this part for help! These top 5 helpful downloaders are recommended to you.


#1. VidPaw

With the release of VidPaw's new version, a YouTube to MP3 Converter is launched on VidPaw official website. With this powerful converter, users can freely convert YouTube video to MP3 format with any output quality from 64kbps to 320kbps. Furthermore, VidPaw enables online streaming as well. You can discover lots of wonderful music and videos online in VidPaw, and download them directly.

VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter


Convert2MP3 provides high output quality and 8 different output formats for users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and more formats according to their needs. Only three steps are taken to get the converted YouTube videos - copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video, select output format, and download it after conversion done. Convert2MP3 is a helpful YouTube to MP3 converter.



#3. Y2Mate

More than an information provided site, the convenient conversion and download services of Y2Mate.info has attracted lots of users within a few months. You just need to paste the link of the YouTube video to the download bar and click on "Download" button, the downloaded YouTube video will be prepared in a short time.



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